Central Nebraska Racer's Reunion 2016

"Keeping the Memories Leading the Pack"


Chuck Bosselman 11/25/1944-1/7/2012            Rob Muirhead  1/8/1952-7/20/2015

Dick Sabin 4/29/1937-11/13/2015            Larry Gregg 9/29/1941-3/27/2014     

Ron Williams 4/14/1941-2/8/2014          Brad Fossberg 1/23/1963-9/27/2014

Ron Alexander 6/27/1944-12/17/2011          Dick Alexander 8/14/1939-12/24/2009

Lanny Haney 9/4/1935-6/21/2015          Terry Eatherton 1/13/1948-12/1/2012

Stan Haack 4/13/1931-1/15/2015                              Mike Chapin 10/4/1954-4/29/2014

Ralph "Hoppy" Hopkins 3/19/1931-6/2/2015         "Big Al" Smith 9/28/1943-8/2/2007

Homer Macklin 5/6/1931-3/23/2012          Mike Graham 12/21/1963-11/5/2014

Shane Thome 6/28/1983-9/26/2013          Mark Dolan 4/12/1969-9/4/2014

Dean Ward 7/13/1937-10/3/2015          Pete Petersen 8/1/1933-4/20/2014

Doug Riedy 12/17/1942-6/7/2011          Larry Conyers 12/16/1940-12/25/2011

David Jolly 12/17/1942-5-1-2015                 Meddie Cote 10/13/1956-7/10/2015

"Speedy" Bill Smith 6/22/1929-5/30/2014        

"Mrs. Speedy" Joyce Smith 8/21/1931-8/4/2013

Bill Dover 3/2/1948-7/28/2012          Harry Wilson 7/9/1931-8/1/2014

Don Smith Sr. 10/25/1936-4/28/2015     Ken Fegter  5/9/1945-3/21/2011

Brian Jensen 10/28/1962-12/4/2013

Jim Gessford 9/8/1929-8/31/2004

Dean's Poem

Yea, as I roll through the pit gate

And onto the track

I fear no one else here in the pack

For the engine is sharp, just sharp as a tack,

The chassis is good; I'm not looking back,

When the Green Flag drops 

I'll be on the gas, into the corner and round the track,

a large grin on my face as I take the lead.

Written by Dean Ward


And many others!!!  Race in Peace our friends!